Baptismal Service

They will be a baptismal service on the 5th of March 2017 soon after our main Celebration service. If you would like to be baptised please contact Elder Onkemetsi on 076 932 6601 for registering.

Leadership Summit

Lethabong Leadership Summit: To take place on the 17th Of March 2017 at Lethabong Branch at 7pm. All divisions of  Ministry to attend. For more information: contact Chantell at the office: 012 809 1915


The first 5 books of the Bible written by Moses are called the Torah Have these books any message to us today? Should Christians even bother to read them? Are there any secrets in these books for the church of today? STARTING 2 FEB 2017 at MLC. Booking at should you wish to attend…

Upcoming Events