Yeshua said, “My house will be called a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13). If YHVH gives us a task, we must earnestly seek Him with all of our heart, soul and strength before we endeavour to do it. It was never His intention for us to operate under our own power, but to receive His divine help through prayer.

Our prayer rooms offers a quiet place to get away from a busy life and pray. It helps you ignore the phone, computer and other modern hindrances to prayer time. Some, if not most Christians don’t have a place at home that encourages prayer, our Ministry takes prayer SERIOUSLY, thus we have created a space wonderful for private conversation, counselling with God.

Our Prayer Rooms are designed in such a way that you can sit, kneel or even lay prostrate before the Lord and enjoy His presence. There is no accommodation or catering facilities available. They are safely accessible 24 hours a day.

We currently are having a total of 16 Prayer Rooms to date, and we have seen Abba Father raising men, women, youth, churches and intercessors to stand up and humble themselves by going in the presence of God and pray.


South Africa:


  • Pretoria Head Office

Contact person: Chantell: (012) 809-1915

  • Ellel Ministries

Contact person: Herman: 082 826 3191

  • Betram Company
  • Curro Primary School
  • Wozani Bone High School
  • Boschkop Primary School
  • Modderbee Prison
  • House Regeneration

Free State:

  • House of Bread
  • Heidedal Bloemfontein

Cape Town:

  • Mitchell’s Plain


  • Nelspruit

Contact Person: Jan: 076 753 6539/ 072 282 7555

  • White River

Iris Ministries


  • Venda


  • Namibia – Windhoek

Contact person: Dr. Anleritif: +264 811 2802 44

  • Seychelles

Contact person: Rachelle: +24 8275 6385