Come and discover whether the first five books, called the Torah, have any messages for us today? Should Christians even bother to read them? Are there any secrets in these books for Christians and the Church today? There will also be many cross references to the NT to help us understand these better.

During the cycle we will look in depth at the 4 levels of How to Read and Study Scripture. The course curriculum will include:-


The Pachat Level


The Pachat level is “What you read; Who, what, when, how level””

Where did our faith come from?

What was the Exodus all about and has it relevance for us today?

What were the instructions God gave to His people. Are they relevant to us today?

Are there specific principles regarding our relationship with Him and

how we are to prepare to be His bride.

The Torah’s definition of Faith.

Isn’t Torah all about law? Am I not under Grace and therefore do need not

even need to know anything about the Law.

The first word of the Bible has some amazing mysteries and teachings in it.

What is the first word?

WhTorah Scrollat are the Jots and Tittles?

Does God have a name? What does His name mean?

What is the Sh’ma

A deeper look into the Aharonic Blessing.





The Remez Level

The Remez level is a “Hint of something deeper – the prophetic level, does the passage say something deeper that is not evident at first glance”

The Wedding of the Messiah A Picture from the Ancient Hebrew Wedding Ceremony

The Bridal Contract

If we are the Bride what’s our part

Biblical holidays and feasts. Are they just for the Jews or are these God

ordained for those who worship Him?

Grace and the Law – a deeper look into what the scriptures actually say


What is a betrothal contract, what does it look like?

Do we have a betrothal contract? What does a bride look like?

A deeper look at the 10 commandments.

A new look at the bride, who is the bride?

Are we as gentiles to keep the commandments? A look at Acts 15.

God’s covenants – are they not done away with?

Are these not Jewish documents?

What is Repentance and how does it work?

13 Attributes of God.

The armour of God.


The Drash Level


The Drash level is “What does the passage say about the Messiah? His first and second coming.”

A new look at the stories in the Torah. Are they just Sunday School stories or                      are they maybe prophetic?

Is there perhaps new revelation for us?

A look at the tribes of Israel. Are they important today for Christians?

A study of Joseph’s life. Is this just a story of prophetic?

Patterns in the stories written by Moses.

An in depth study of the Tabernacle, Temple and the Sacrificial system.

Is there perhaps a protocol for approaching God?

The Feasts of the LORD. Do they foreshadow the Messiah in anyway? Are we to keep them?

What actually happened during Passion Week? Is there anything that we do not know?



The Sod Level


The Sod level is to look at each Hebrew letter which has a specific number and meaning.

Discover what the numbers and Hebrew letters in Scripture mean.

Come on an exciting journey into the word of God and see things you have never

seen before.

Uncovering hidden treasure.

What about the end times. What do the scriptures say?


The course will include a Passover teaching meal and a Shavu’ot/Pentecost celebration.


The presentation is approximately 25 weeks and is from 19:00 – 20:45. The medium is via PowerPoint presentations and several video clips. We will start on the 4th of February. The venue is still to be confirmed but will be in Pretoria East..


Cost: There is no charge for this course. However donations are welcome.


This course is becoming popular and many have done it more than twice and are lining up to do it again. This series of teaching has been endorsed by HRTI (Hebrew Roots Teaching Institute) – See attached letter.


The presentation is by André ten Krooden

Over the past 9 years Andre has been studying the Torah in depth and has grown a deep love and appreciation for God’s word. God has empowered him to be a teacher and he has taught this course continuously over the past 7 years.  New insights will be gained and you will see God and the Messiah in new and fresh ways. Andre has also given several other presentations on various subjects found in the Torah and the New Testament and would love to visit cell groups to share some of the things he has learnt. Al list of topics are available should you want to see what’s available. You will come away with fresh understanding and will greatly grow in your faith and knowledge of the Almighty.


If you are interesting in joining the group please fill in the attached form as soon as possible and send it to  Space is normally limited so it is on a first come first serve basis.


I look forward to learning together with you about the wonders of His word as given to us in the first five books of the Bible. You will be amazed, challenged and grow as you feed on the meat of the Word. You will come to know God in a new and fresh way.