MLC Ministries have a passion for the healing and restoration of the human spirit through the working and guidance of the Holy Spirit. MLC Life Centres is an initiative that was brought about by the desperation and need in areas around the world to experience the Fathers restoration and transformation of broken people.

These Life Centres serves as a beacon of hope for those in need of a new beginning or chapter in their life. MLC Ministries has currently established two centres of which one is located in South Africa and the other on the Island of the Seychelles. Both serves people struggling with various forms of addictions and emotional pain. True healing and deliverance can only take place within the Spirit. This type of healing is critical in any restoration proses whereby the person is healed through the Holy Spirit by the power of the Lamb and by the Love and grace of our Heavenly Father from the inside out.

Brokenness lies within the human spirit and restoration cannot fully take place if we don’t start here. We at MLC trusts that these Life Centres will serve their purpose in healing the broken and setting the captives free.

For more information please contact Leandri Fourie at 072 723 5376.
Please visit the centre pages for more information on each.