The Rehabilitation Centre in the heart of the Main Island, MAHE in the Seychelles and was brought about through the acceptance of the MLC Ministry Healing and Deliverance program by local government.

The project and Center is supported by the Department of Health of the Republique Des Seychelles in Mont Fleuri, Mahe and aims to help patients with addiction get to the spiritual root cause.

The team serves approximately 16 patients every 6 weeks, this amounts to approximately 140 patients per annum. Post-treatment support is also given to out-patients to help them to re-adapt back into civilization.

Meet Rachel Talma

Rachel is responsible for running the MLC Ministries programs at the Wellness Centre of Seychelles, which is a detox centre from heroin addiction.

She takes on the Spiritual aspect of the program, her involvement starts off with morning devotionals. Patients are ministered to during group and individual sessions. Many lives have been changed through this Ministry and to date they have been able to have their first group baptized by the Founder of MLC Ministries, Mrs Fourie. She has been diligent in bringing the Word of God to the patients and started a Ministering programs in the evenings at the centre through Praise and Worship and also conducts evening sessions for recovered addicts. She got involved in a yearly program called Recovery Week and MLC Ministries Seychelles has supported this program through the Spiritual aspect of the activities. She gives God the Glory for His wonderful work in this Ministry and she continues on this path she prays for His guidance and protection.