Eliane Small

NEW LIFE Discovering your God-given purpose:

This course will empower people to grow spiritually, cultivating their individual gifts and abilities, keep their hearts a flame by the indwelling  power of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing your God-given purpose, God will be glorified in your life.

The benefit of knowing your unique calling helps you to:

  • Discover and affirm your individuality
  • To understand the specific plan God has for you and equips you to fulfil it.
  • It brings peace, harmony, respect and unity to the body of Christ.

“That is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire]…” 2 Timothy 1:6

Elaine  is a very gifted teacher on the Word of God. She has been spearheading the NEW LIFE Course for the past 5 years and is devoted to bring hope and freedom to those in search of purpose and new life. Isa 49″…..the Lord has called me from the womb; from the body of my mother he has named my name.”

Come and join us on the journey of discovering your divine and unique purpose!