TIME:  19:00.

VENUE: MLC Teaching Centre.

Andre Ten Krooden Torah Classes reference letter


Andre Ten Krooden is on a mission from YHWH (God) to change the spiritual dimensions of the Believer. The foundational trusts and principles in his Torah classes are par excellence! The way his Introduction to Torah is systematically presented, is not only logically laid out, but is also based on sound Biblical doctrine rooted deeply in Torah principles.
Andre fully understands the fact that YHWH works from the inside to the outside; first He restores your spirit, then renew your soul and finally heals your body. Satan works from the outside inward; first he enslaves the flesh, then corrupts the soul and eventually extinguishes the spirit man. Andre’s desire is that you are being set free!
What makes his course a MUST ATTEND is the fact that it is based on the core principles of Isaiah 28:10: “He tells us everything over and over–one line at a time, one line at a time, a little here, and a little there!” Andre wrote this ‘need to attend’ course concerning the spiritual path to healing and wholeness based on these sound principles.
I would like to see his course as prescribed and recommended attend in every Torah-observant community around the globe. This Introduction to Torah course is Scripturally based and encompasses YHWH’s Divine teachings; a must to be in ever Believer’s community!

Prof (Dr) WA Liebenberg
Chairman: Hebraic Teaching Group